We Handle Your Packages and Product At The Speed of Cyberspace!
Because minutes matter! JS Logistics recognizes the value and benefits your business will gain by integrating technology into all aspects of our courier, trucking and distribution & cross-docking services. Since 1998, we’ve invested nearly $3 million in state-of-the-art operations, communications and fleet management system technology. This not only has made a huge and positive impact for clients with time-sensitive deliveries, it allows customers to raise their service levels for their customers while allowing JS Logistics to grow into one of the largest and most efficient third-party logistics (3PL) companies in the Midwest.

State Of The Art Dispatch System
At any moment, we know where our drivers and your packages are in real-time. Each driver is equipped with a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) enabled phone capable of receiving data or voice communications.

We’re becoming a paperless society. As a free service, JS e-invoicing allows you to immediately receive your invoices via e-mail instead of having to wait for them by regular mail. This can improve your cash flow and minimize the processing of invoices manually. You can view, forward, print and easily store your invoice electronically (in Adobe PDF format).

On-line Ordering
Whether you need a one-time delivery, routine scheduled deliveries or on-demand service; you can easily schedule your delivery on-line. Our system allows you secure access to create an account, view your account, check status of your delivery and much more.

Our e-notification service sets us apart. Once your delivery is made, we’ll send you Proof of Delivery (POD) automatically. The notification will show the time of delivery and who signed for the package. This helps you manage those rare “we never got it” phone calls and shows you’re on top of the service you offer.

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