JS Logistics is a leader in on-demand rush delivery services in the Midwest consisting of a group of transportation and distribution companies: JS Express, JS Distribution & Cross-Docking and JS Records Management. JS Express specializes in local and regional courier/trucking services, with a focus on expedited delivery, scheduled route work, fleet management. JS Distribution & Cross-Docking specializes in improving the supply chain of any business that is looking for a resource to receive bulk shipments of products and break them down into smaller shipments for local delivery; JS Records Management focus is on inventorying and managing paper files. We have offices in St. Louis, Kansas City, Indianapolis and Memphis.

Our vision is to create a regional logistics business, possessing superior technology advantages with centralized operations in St. Louis. Within all facets of our organization, we will conduct ourselves according to the highest standards of honesty, integrity and professionalism with a total focus on excellence in customer service.